When your home suffers from the water damages it becomes a big mess, and you get a huge job to do.  This process of drying up the water and restoring your home is referred to as the water damage restoration.   There are many procedures that take place when the damages occur, and the process is called the water damage restoration.

Some of the processes that take place include, loss assessment, the water damage is categorized based on the source of the water and the contamination levels, the drying process and the decontaminating the structure and all its contents, then the monitoring process and the completion phase.

Before the restoration  takes place the home have to be evaluated such that the suitable  response is taken, so that you can know and understand what you are dealing and the extent of the damages that the flooding have caused and therefore you will be prepared with all the right equipment, and you will know where to begin.  The technicians you are dealing with have to fully understand the extent of work that is before them, and you will also get the insurance company involved so that they can access the extent of the damages so that if there will be anything to be compensated they will note it down.  Source of the water has to be well known so that the correct repairs has to be done.

The water damages are categorized depending on the source where the water is from.  Water from the raw sewage can be difficult to dry compared with the water that is in the sinks.  These categories are including -Category one which is water from a clean source such as the sinks, toilet bowls and the pipes that do not contain human wastes.   The second category is from the washing machines, from toilets and contaminated with urine and then category three of water is the water that is capable of causing severe illness and sometimes death if the water is consumed by humans, this include the sewage water, water that contains feces from the toilet, flooding from the rivers and also the stagnant water which contains microbial growth.  In some cases the water might be in category one and then gets contaminated to be in category two and three.  The Carpet Water Damage Restoration in Avon technicians have to also dry other places like on the carpets, electronics, books, drapes, and furniture.

Some of these contents must be removed before the water gets to them and destroys them completely, dry others immediately, clean and decontaminate fast.  They might start developing molds and which can be harmful to our health and so the earlier you dispose them, the better.

From here the drying of the items will start and the decontaminating process.  The technicians use equipment like the blowers, scrubbers, subfloor drying and the dehumidifiers .  The items are also left to dry for some few days, and the progress is monitored to make sure that all the equipment are well placed, and they are working as they are expected to.  Humidity, temperatures and moisture have to be well monitored.  Carpet Cleaning Glenwood Springs Technicians also use the mold inhibitors and the deodorizers so that they can get rid of the bad odors.


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